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Solar Energy

Solar Panel

A solar panel can be use for recharging solar batteries. These solar batteries are available almost on all battery stores and marketplaces. They come in different shapes, sizes and brands. Amazingly, these batteries can last for more than ten hours when fully charged. One battery will not be able to supply the power needed by multiple equipment. The number of cells that is needed for certain equipment may depend on the energy level that the equipment requires. The more light is captured in a solar panel the greater the quantity of energy the battery absorbed and the greater quantity of electricity the panel can supply to your appliances.

Solar panels are also widely known as photovoltaic cells. The panel can capture energy that can recharge solar batteries. Both the battery and the panel work together to give electricity for various purposes. Basically, solar panels can give energy that you need for you to run your home or office’s equipment, just like the typical electricity works. Solar cells are usually used on lawns, hallways, and yards. But solar energy could not be use as substitute for our typical electricity for a long time specially during cold weather. The energy from the panel relies on the heat of the sun. The more heat and light of the sun is captured in the panel, the more energy is stored, thus, there would be more energy for your needs. In common sense, solar panel will not work during winter since there is no sun.

As said solar panels are designed to create electricity from of light and the heat from the sun. This method is known as Photovoltaic (PV), a process on where solar energy is converted into electricity. When the energy is stored into the solar panel, it is convertible into electricity allowing you to use it in whatever purposes you may want to use it for. It was Henri Becquerel who first discovered that light can actually be turned into energy. His research was further continued by other scientists.

To explain it broadly, solar panel uses photon (the light energy from the sun) to create electricity through the process of the so-called photovoltaic effect. The structural part could either be the back layer or the top layer of the panel. Majority of these panels use cadmium telluride or silicon that is made of thin firm cells. The wires in the panel are made of non-magnetic conductive metals. It can either be silver or copper. A Photovoltaic cells or solar panel converts the radiant flux from the light into electrical current.

The usage of light that is turned into electrical energy (Photovoltaic method) was used by spacecrafts too. NASA launched a satellite with the use of solar power. It provides stability on the spacecraft and doesn’t require refueling. It is convenient for long travels and space missions. Solar power is reliable and it doesn’t need maintenance. Photovoltaic has no harmful emissions too and is noise-free. This makes it environmental friendly and suitable for space crafts. There are a few solar power plants that was made to produce steam from the sun’s heat, then the steam is use to drive in -land machines.

As said by many, solar power is actually a better alternative to electricity and it is practical to use. Solar battery is way too cheap and most of all it is rechargeable under the heat of the sun. Does, there is no need for you to consume another type of energy just to recharge your battery. You just have to use the panel to recharge these cells. If you will use solar energy for your electrical needs you would be able to save up more. It’s just that, it is impossible to have solar energy during the rainy days.

Photovoltaic cells need to be connected electrically to one another. To achieve the desired energy voltage, electrical connections are made in series. This only requires a little amount of energy. Most panels are flexible but keep in mind to keep your panel away from any moisture to avoid it from getting rusty.

The creation of solar power started way back more than a century ago, up to the present time where it has evolved in many forms for industrial purposes. Solar energy is useful for those people who are living in remote areas. If you use solar power you would only have to rely on the heat of the sun for the energy that you need at home, compare to paying high prices for electricity connection. Plus if you use solar power, there’ll be no black out at your home and you have the control of how much energy you will use.

Lightweight or portable Photovoltaic panels are now available on solar equipment marketplaces and it can be use to recharge batteries and to power equipments. There are also solar panels with high structural integrity. This panel can be incorporated on the roof instead of making it as an addition to a structure. If it is placed perfectly, no maintenance is necessary. The panel should be placed on an area where it receives sunlight a lot. Recently, the best solar panel efficiency is around 20 percent on commercial products. Lower than the efficiency of their cells inside isolation.Solar panels doesn’t easily worn out. They are very hardy. Solar panel’s effectiveness lessen a percent or two each year. Which means it’ll take almost forever for any possible damage to happen. But there is also a major con on solar panels that you must be aware of. Solar flares happen at times. This could be very dangerous and the radiation can damage all the electronics inside the module.

Solar power has been use on many places all over the globe. Matter of fact, in Spain, they are currently insisting that big establishments should use solar power for their energy needs. This is also helpful to those business owners who wants to lower the cost of their spending for their power needs. But it has been also noted that only those serious environmentalist are really into using solar power.

Solar Battery

Solar lighting batteries are also popular as solar cells. Solar cell’s component mixtures change as different manufacturers experiment different components to mix the energy that they’ll capture from the sun’s light. These days solar lighting batteries have been used by many people in their homes, offices and commercial areas. Solar batteries are used not just f for doors, backyards and offices. During late 1990′s and early 2000′s Casio calculators use solar cells. There are even car batteries that were built from solar cells. Small gadgets like calculators and watches can run good with a small-sized solar battery. People are aware that solar cell is convenient to use compared to the typical electricity. These batteries are cheap and can be bought almost on all stores and online market places. Usually cost from as low as 6$ and as high as 900 bucks. 

It was Henry Becquerel way back 1839 who first observed that light can actually produce electricity. Experts now call the said phenomenon as the photovoltaic effect or the process of turning light into energy. In 1950′s, numbers of developments evolved including the very first usage of silicon as a component use on the very first type of solar battery. Way back then, this battery-powered Vanguard 1 satellite. It was in 1954 when Calvin Fuller, Daryl Chapin and Gerald Pearson invented the very first solar panel.  The first invention was in form of strips about the size of a razor blade. The scientists placed those strips beneath the sun. This process captured the electrons from the sun and it turned the light that was captured into electrical current. Bell Laboratories in New York introduced to the public the first solar batteries. The first trial on this battery was used on a telephone carrier system in Georgia on 1955. 

Going Green

Those people who are aware of the importance of “going-green” knows why solar power is better to have at home, and that it can actually help us save mother nature. It doesn’t just help you conserve money but also help Earth conserve its energy. The cycle looks like the natural way of using the gifts of Earth by simply turning the heat of the sun into a more useful way. The advantages of using solar-powered equipment is widely noted. Solar batteries are great help during those times when the power is down and it is way much cheaper than the typical electric system lighting cost.Some people use fossil fuel to produce the electricity they needed. But majority of us are also aware that using fossil fuels to produce energy is limited whereas solar energy that you can use with no limit as long as King Sun is still up above us. 

Solar battery stores energy that is generated from the sun. The energy is discharged through an inverter. A fully charged solar battery can last for more than ten hours even in cool weather. Solar lighting batteries are used in many ways and application. Solar lighting is typically use in areas such as driveways, walkways or gardens. The energy comes from the stored energy on the battery, so no wiring necessary. The energy of the sun is collected within the panel then the battery leverage this energy. 

The Process

The very basic thing that you need to look into is to make sure that your solar panel receives an abundant amount of sunlight during day time so you can use it conveniently at night. The panel captures the energy from the sun and recharges the batteries. You can not expect the solar power to compete with the typical electricity that we use commonly. But it is also not surprising that some people found ways to use solar energy in a more innovative way with the help of technology, that it can be even use at offices to supply power on office equipments.   


The most common forms of solar lighting batteries available in the market these days are made from nickel cadmium which uses less electricity and could last longer. Once the battery runs out of power it needs to be recharged. The core method is to store the energy from the sun to the battery for the future usage. Most people reserve their solar power for nightly uses. As mentioned, the battery will be connected to a panel that collects the energy from the sun, it is in the panel also where the process of recharging takes place. The amount of energy may depend on the available sunlight captured by the panel..  


Before you charge your battery, make sure to check the connections. Check for any corrosion or rust. Make sure to clean it up before adding new batteries. This should help your battery last longer. Also make sure to check your yard solar lights daily. Make sure that it is free from dust or debris. It is good if you place your solar light on location that has direct sunlight most of the time. It is also suggested to put your solar light equipments indoor during winter seasons. The capacity of the battery is determined by the energy level needed by the equipment and the time period that you will use the equipment. In short, the ability of your battery will depend on what kind of equipment you will use it for.  


The majority of solar lights need 1-4 batteries. Typical battery will not work for solar lights. What you need are batteries that are made of Nickel Metal Halide or Nickle Cadmium. Nickle Cadmium uses  toxic material. This compound is called Cadmium and this kind of battery must be disposed properly. It can cause harm to the environment.Nickle Metal Halide batteries are more reliable. They can work longer and cause less harm to our environment. This type of battery is easy to find in the market. University of Colorado studies shows that the sunlight falling to our surface can actually produce a thousand watts per square meter. Those solar cells that held a huge quantity of energy needed to be place in a large area where direct sunlight is located so it to capture a lot of solar power.  


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