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How To Spend Money Rightly

Money takes time to earn, yet it only takes a few seconds to spend it. Sometimes, we tend to spend for unnecessary things which will actually lead us to a bad financial cycle.

Wise Buying

Sellers’ competition in the market is at large. This makes common good prices decrease. Compare first before picking your solid choice. Compare the quantity and the price. Say for instance, product one and product 2 have the same brand. Product One which has 200 grams costs 5 bucks while Product two which has 500 mg costs 10 bucks. Which would you prefer? The wise choice is obvious.  If you spend on two individual packs of 200 grams you’ll only get 400 grams in total. This costs you 10 bucks. Why buy the individual packs when you can get more for a lower price on Product Two?

Saving For Small Buying

  • Buy in bulk to save up gas and time
  • Buy online from stores that offer free shipping

Hunting For Deals

The internet is a good source for hunting ultimate money-saving deals.

  • Look for coupons
  • Cashbacks
  • and find cheap deals online
  • Scan newspapers and cut available coupons


Non of those suggestions above will work if you don’t know how to discipline yourself. Avoid buying unnecessary things. Think of saving for the rainy days.


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  1. […] Another budgeting tool that you can utilize are coupons. Various stores and magazines contain coupons that you can use to get discounts on various products. Should there be a need to purchase a particular product for which you have a coupon for, you will end up saving a fraction of what you might have had to spend on a regular purchase. […]

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